Very few people in this world have a vision to dive deep into history for the grand mitzvah of the preservation of Jewish heritage. Professor Francesco Lotoro is one of those very special tzadik type individuals that has gone to great extensive lengths to revive and restore the memory and history of those who died tragically in the Shoa. Lotoro's international acclaimed efforts are compiled in a documentary movie called The Maestro and now his 8000+ manuscripts of music will be preserved for generations of learners in the developing historical complex in Barletta called The Citidel. This project consists of a university level program for the study of concentrationary work including a bookstore, theatre, shul and a museum. Below is a excerpt from the foundations website and we fully support and encourage everyone to financially support this Nobile cause. Explore at the link below and contact us for any questions. A personal presentation is available upon request in the USA by contacting us on the About page.

Ari Montanari

The ILMC Foundation has presented to the City of Barletta the Citadel project for concentrating music following a public notice of 29.7.2016 Invitation to Presentation of Action Proposals to be implemented in the Ambit of the Urban Reconstruction and Suburban Security Program of the City of Barletta (announcing the Presidency of the Council of Ministers), a project for which the Municipal Council on 26.8.2016 expressed its favorable opinion by proposing it to ministerial funding. The feasibility study or the preliminary project was carried out by the arch. Nicolangelo Dibitonto.  The Citadel of concentrating music will be built on a total area of ​​7,845 square meters in the area of ​​the former Distillery of Barletta, near the railway station on the side of the terminal of the North-Barese Railways, station directly connected to Bari-Palese Airport. The Citadel will be made up of five divisions (Musical Science Campus, Musical Library, Museum of Renewed Art, New Cantieri Theater, International Library of the Twentieth Century, Campus Park and New Cantieri Open) in contiguous and separate lots.  The Citadel of concentrating music is the fulfillment of the research carried out in the past 30 years by pianist and researcher Francesco Lotoro and his documentary and philological work today protected by the ILMC Foundation; The Citadel will be completed and fully functional by 2020.

The Citadel, Barletta, Italy

Ari Montanari with Professor Francesco Lotoro including Sarah and Channah